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Welcome to the Usmlesource step 2 CS course. This course is developed using a practical proven Mnemonic based approach that has works. When you are taking the examination, you realize that it is not about knowledge but about asking the right questions with open ended format as much as possible. Our Mnemonic based approach is designed for you to write the Mnemonic PAM HUGS FOSS vertically on the rough sheet provided and just note down important facts such as medications, dates etc. The course is organized into to three sections as below. Please go through each section carefully and practice these cases with a friend or a family member. Wish you all the best.

Symptom Based Approach

About 59 Symptoms fully worked up

A professional approach with all the questions and the physical examination needed for almost all of the symptoms that are commonly encountered in the USMLE CS examination. The symptom based approach gives you a single format to work on any given symptom with all the questions to be asked in HPI and the rest of the questions using the Mnemonic PAM HUGS FOSS.

Patient Encounters

About 32 excellent patient interviews - practice these cases

The Patient Encounters are completely solved interviews with all the details worked out for you. It includes opening scenario, examiner tasks, ability to come up with a tentative DD and enter in the box provided, a complete patient interview transcript, physical examination, differential diagnosis, workup, patient note and discussion.

It also includes software to help you practice the patient note. After you are done, make sure you write a brief patient note using the PN generator as that allows you to completely grasp the case.

Virtual Cases

About 26 virtual patient cases - practice these cases

The Virtual Cases are designed so that you can practice these cases acting as a doctor and or SP. These practice cases start with an opening scenario, give the questions to be asked in history and things to do in the physical examination. It is followed by differential diagnosis, work up and a brief summary of the case.

Advice & General

The advice and general info pages.

The three secrets to success in the CS are -

  1. Practice,

  2. Practice and

  3. Practice!

Keeping this in mind, we have developed methods to help you practice the patient note in a timed real examination style patient note using the patient note generator software developed by us. As you might be aware, you never fully get the complete grasp on a case until you write up the case! So, make use of this opportunity to practice and write up the patient note as soon as you are done with the case.



Physical examination videos and other helpful resources


We compiled a list of online videos and other materials that are useful for your preparation. Please note that Usmlesource is not associated with these websites.



The videos require Quicktime version 7 or higher. The video files are large and are not suitable for a modem connection.


University of Virginia - Physical Exam Modules

Below are links to instructional modules and videos demonstrating physical exam techniques from the University of Virginia available free of cost online. The videos require Quicktime version 7 or higher. The video files are large and are not suitable for a modem connection. Best viewed with IE or Netscape browsers. Safari browser is not supported.

Duke Health Physical Examination Videos

Complete Physical Examination Video Part 1

Complete Physical Examination Video Part 2


Other USMLE and physical examination Resources

Best sites for CSA exam




USMLESOURCE Forum Site for Physical Examination Videos

IMAGES and Sounds






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