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Virtual Patient Cases
Case number Chief Complaint
Case 1 Video

Abdominal pain - PID

Case 2 Video

Right upper quadrant abdominal pain - Cholecystitis

Case 3 Video

Fever, sore throat and swollen glands (Acute HIV)

Case 4 Video Fatigue and loss of energy - Alcoholism
Case 5 Anorexia nervosa
Case 6

Palpitations, numbness, chest tightness (Chronic anxiety disorder)

Case 7 Cough with SOB (Asthma)
Case 8 Dysuria (UTI)
Case 9


Case 10 Headaches, a runny nose and abdominal pain (Cocaine addiction)
Case 11 Feeling tired and sleeping a lot lately (Depression)
Case 12 Diarrhea (Bacterial Colitis)
Case 13 Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease)
Case 14 Trouble sleeping - Insomnia
Case 15 Palpitation, general fatigue, trembling of the whole body, and dyspnea (Panic attacks)
Case 16 Heartburn and black stools - PUD
Case 17 Concerned about being poisoned - Schizophrenia
Case 18 Right sided weakness (CVA)
Case 19 Joint pains in the hands and rash (SLE)
Case 20 25 year old female with burning on urination (Acute cystitis)
Case 21 44 year old female with recent URI and CP (Pleurisy)
Case 22 Blurred vision - Glaucoma
Case 23 Chest pain - ACS
Case 24 Video Forgetful (Dementia)
Case 25 Nausea and vomiting (Food Poisoning)
Case 26 NEW Ruptured Spleen (Abdominal trauma)

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