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Free Sample CS Cases
« on: February 10, 2007, 07:21:23 PM »
Usmlesource is now offering about 6 sample cases freely in the guest section.

Usmlesource has added more cases to the database of cases taking the total to over 118 cases - 61 symptoms fully worked up, 32 patient interview transcripts, 25 practice cases, 30 plus video discussions with more added on a regular basis.
Go to to access the free sample cases. We are constantly updating the content adding more cases, discussions and videos.

One important part of the step 2 CS exam that is actually evaluated by MD's and not by the SP's is the patient note. However, many people go the CS exam without practicing the concize patient note you are supposed to write. Many end up rushing it and missing important details.

This is partly because none of the courses so far has any software to practice the cases. UsmleSource has a free software available as part of the guest cases which you can use to practice any case free of charge. The software has a timer that warns you after 10 minutes just like the real examination.

You can use this tool to see if you are able to type your note in the time provided. It is better to try to type since it is more legible rather than hand writing. Most people do not realize that they can type faster than they think! Try it and see if you can do it on the real exam!

You should at least practice 10-11 cases (i.e. one set of cases) before you go for the test. Do not ignore this fact and risk failing. Practice makes perfection!

Please go to this url for practice


As a kind of side effect of this great free tool, a lot of user posted cases are fast accumulating in these practice cases!

NB: A PN generator is available for each case for subscribed users that not only allows you to practice Patient Note, but also allows you to compare yours with that of others. This feature is not available anywhere else!
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